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An overview plan - spring 2009

Located in the heart of Montana this brewery will feature a half dozen ales brewed from the fresh Big Spring water, local organic barley which has been carefully malted at our brewery, locally grown organic hops, and a very special yeast propagated in our own lab. To maintain the top quality of these brews, they will be naturally carbonated, not filtered, and packaged in cans to insure the freshest, most flavorful and healthy brew imaginable to humans. We will also provide a quality root beer, again made from local ingredients and 100% organic, "so that all may enjoy the fruits of our labors."

The brewery will be state of the art in terms of its brewing capacity and efficiency. It will however retain a quaint and nostalgic charm by which visitors to our tap room will be transported back into a world in which beer was a way of life. We will provide our quality brews in an atmosphere of culture and wonder which includes our 360º trout stream, our performer’s stage, and our Lewistown Brewing Company artifacts museum. We will use the old Lewistown Brewing Company name and image (signs, fonts, beer names, labels, etc..) and a few choice slogans they employed back in the day: "This beer is healthful, refreshing, nutritious, fully matured and aged" and "Better than it used to be – and it used to be the best."

Our brewery will be energy efficient using green energy. We will strive to follow the lead set by the New Belgium Brewery of Fort Collins, CO which is extremely efficient in terms of water and energy use. We will eventually be the most efficient brewery in terms of energy, water and waste by using 100% renewable energy captured at the brewery through solar, hydro and wind power, while reclaiming nearly 95% of the energy that would otherwise become waste. We will strive to use the least amount of energy necessary while providing the most opportunity possible for the environment and wildlife. We will set up an extensive recycling program for our cans in which we will buy back our cans, on a trade basis, at twice the current market value for aluminum.

Lewistown Brewery will brew batches of 10/15 barrels with a special emphasis on quality and consistency. We will market our beers locally until we have saturated that market (25% ???) before we expand to the greater Montana area. We desire to move slowly in expansion so as to build a strong foundation of followers and a stable financial portfolio on which to fall back. Our standard saturation index of 25% will guide us throughout our growth.

We will give generously to our community, Central Montana, with an annual concert, golf tournament, school program, alcohol awareness education and a free ride home to anyone who fails the breathalyzer test, litter-free streets program, walk-your-beer program, cooking with beer classes…

Our famous tap-room will have, in addition to a friendly staff and awesome snacks, a Tasters Club. To become a member of the Club one must submit an annual fee and maintain a minimum monthly pint purchase. Members enjoy a slightly larger vessel from which to drink than the normal Joe, our quarterly newsletter, and a personal invitation to our annual banquet with beer pairings.

And that’s not all … for more information call Brett Thackeray at 406.350.0170